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Why doI need this,Jay?

I'm so glad you asked, Coach!


Facebook Groups are a powerful opportunity to

connect and network with ideal clients vs just marketing at them.
When leveraged correctly, they can also be a regular source of leads and clients. 

But keeping track of FB Group promotional calendars and regular group engagements can be a lot. 

This tracker was created to simplify the process.



Jay Manning is a Business Growth Strategist and has been helping international brands with client-attraction and growth strategies for more than two decades. 

She has been building businesses (and also sold a few) since 1996 and mentoring innovative start up entrepreneurs since 2007.

Jay holds multiple Business Degrees and is a Certified Professional Coach (PCC). She runs a successful Design & Event Agency (est. 2000) and her coaching practice. 
Jay's superpower is simplifying what others might consider complex and has a knack for creating systems that produce results faster, and with more ease.

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