How to Nail A Niche That Attracts Clients —The paying kind!

Nailing a profitable niche that helps clients find you and helps you establish your expertise in a crowded online marketplace is easier than you think with this simple four step process. 

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Here's what you'll learn in this free online masterclass:

  • Top 2 myths around niching down and the actual truth. #dirtylies

  • The Litmus Test of a Profitable Niche that'll get you paid. #yesplease

  • 4 Steps to Creating Your Unique & Aligned Niche. #yourewelcome

You'll leave with a clear understanding of why niching down IS your client attraction superpower, and clarity on how to pick your own niche right away!


This training is perfect for anyone who 


Is wondering if niching really does make it easier to grow their online business faster. 

Marketing your product or service well i

Wants to establish themselves as an authority and leverage their expertise online.


Is wondering how the heck to pick a niche that is unique to themselves - and profitable.

So Coach, 

Are you ready?

To activate your client-attraction superpower?


Business Builder, Agency Owner, Coach & Mentor. Jay has helped international brands with client-attraction and growth strategies for almost 2 decades - but her love for the challenging start-up phase of business has led her to mentoring start-up entrepreneurs since 2007.

She has been building businesses since 1996 and even sold a few along the way.

Jay holds multiple Business Degrees, #QualifiedNerd, is a Certified Professional Coach (PCC), runs a successful Design & Event Agency (est. 2000) and a thriving coaching practice.

Simplification is her superpower and she has a knack for creating systems that produce better results - faster and with more ease.

definitely want this woman all up in your business!

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If you've been too afraid to niche your business because it feels so dang counterintuitive that you've tried to be the coach for EVERYONE & ANYONE instead - but you know, you really do know that it's just NOT working, and now you're ready to level up and leverage your expertise quickly, then this free masterclass How to Nail Your Niche To Attract Clients - The Paying Kind is for you!

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