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Spend less time managing your business + more time converting potential clients into paying clients!

Without wasting hours of your precious time + spending $$ you don’t have?


The Unfortunate Reality... 

I bet when you decided to become a coach, no one told you about how much work goes into finding clients, booking discovery calls, increasing your discovery call show up rate or increasing your discovery call conversion rate or handling all the administrative tasks that go with it! 

If you've been in business for more than a minute, it's a reality that's probably hit you upside the head already, amiright?

That dreamy vision you had of spending all your time coaching clients and impacting lives has turned into:





Spending your days lurking on social media, trying to make connections that'll hopefully lead to a discovery call

Hanging out all on your own on Zoom because of another discovery call no-show

Booking discovery calls with people who can't afford you and who only signed up because they wanted “free coaching”

Following up with clients who fail to book calls (and who also fail to make progress on their goals - or worse, fail to pay you)

And this is in addition to everything else on your already loaded plate... content creation, marketing, administrative tasks... 

Suddenly the actual time you spend coaching has shrunk to just a few hours each week, and that's only if you're finding those clients in the first place!

The good news... There is a better way!

Set Your Business Up for Systematic Success With Simple, Cost-Effective, Easy-To-Implement Automations, Systems, Processes + Strategies Designed Just For You, Coach!

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The Truth Is...

A thriving coach isn't just brilliant at what they do, they’re also organized and efficient at running their business.

They understand that they only get paid for the actual coaching work they do and that being efficient and effective in getting those clients frees them up to spend more time coaching (and making money).

They have systems in place to manage their business with ease and make sure that opportunities aren't falling through the cracks.

Now you can too.

And the best part...

You can do it without having to spend hundreds of dollars to hire a VA or thousands of dollars hiring an online business manger and you don't even need any complicated or expensive software... 

Plug-n-Play Your Way To Your Dream Business 

Packed full of tools and resources like done-for-you checklists, calculators, step-by-step workflows, fill-in-the-blank-swipe files + templates to get (and keep), your coaching business running smoothly and serving your clients well.

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Here’s What You'll Find Inside:

System #1

Your First Client Attraction List Building Funnel System

Client attraction and lead generation is Mission-Critical for a thriving coaching business and this is the funnel that will help you automate that process + lead your dreamy, ideal client from discovering you, to booking that all important discovery call




Your First Funnel Map - A detailed guide to every element of your high-converting client attraction funnel.

Step-By-Step Funnel Fixing Checklist - If your funnel isn't doing it's job of adding discovery calls to your calendar, this is the checklist to help you identify and easily fix the problem. 

PLUS! List Building Funnel Bootcamp trainings, templates and email sequence swipe files is exactly what you need to start growing your list... in five days or less.

System #2

Keep Your Calendar Full System

Focus your time and energy where it will drive business results, like promoting your discovery call.




Promotion Checklist - Use this checklist for promotional strategies to use, to keep your calendar full.


New Client Opening Checklist - Got an opening for a new client? Then it's time to get the word out! Use this checklist and email templates to help get the word out.

Troubleshooting Your Coaching Business Worksheet - When your calendar is looking bare, it can be hard to know where to begin. This troubleshooting worksheet will help pinpoint the reason and give you an action plan to fix the issue.  

System #3

Discovery Calls That Convert System

Sales are the life blood of your coaching business so having a system that supports and optimises your selling process is not just a nice-to-have, it's a need to have. 







Discovery Call Intake Questionnaire Template - Asking the right questions on your discovery call intake form is how you fill your calendar with those right fit, ready to buy, ideal clients. 

Discovery Call Reminder Email Templates - Avoid the frustration of setting aside precious time in your calendar to speak to a potential client, only to be met with a no-show! Use these email templates to dramatically increase your discovery call show-up rates.

Discovery Call Cancelation Email Templates - Respectfully decline a booking made from a someone you recognize is not a good fit, or who has not completed your intake questionnaire, with these email templates.​

Pre-Discovery Call Checklist - Successful coaches understand the value and the impact of being well prepared and fully present during a discovery call. Use this checklist to set yourself up in the same way. 

Discovery Call Script Designer - Winging it is not a strategy you want to rely on when it comes to your discovery calls. Your ability to lead the conversation and ask questions that coach your potential client to the sale in a natural, non pushy-icky-sleazy-salesy way is your selling superpower. 

Your Offer One-Sheeter - How you position and present your offer has a direct impact on how many clients say "Yes!" to working with you. This is the cheatsheet to help you get it right each and every time.

System #4

Coaching Client Management System

Keep new and existing clients well organised to free you up and focused on the delivery of your coaching services. 





Workflow Automation Checklist - Stay in touch with clients quickly and easily using this workflow automation strategy.

New Client Onboarding Checklist -  Streamline your client onboarding experience and get your new clients off to a smooth start with this onboarding checklist. 

Client Call Checklist - Every successful coach understands the power of being prepared and present for your coaching client calls and this checklist will help you do the same. 


Post-Call Checklist - As your business grows and your days become back-to-back coaching sessions, staying organized is a must. This quick post-call checklist makes it easy.

Plus You'll Also Get



Calendar Set Up Checklist - Who has time to manually manage a calendar? Follow this set up checklist to automate all your client bookings, discovery calls, and more.

Recommended Tech Set Up - You'll find plenty of costly tools out there that claim to make coaching easier, but you can do everything you need effectively and efficiently with just 4 tools (and two of them won't cost you a dime). 


Total value = $497

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Money-Back Guarantee Website Graphic.png


I want to make sure you love it!

Look, I get it, in times like these even the smallest of investments make you think twice. So I'm taking away all the risk.

If you buy this amazing bundle today, and you don't love it, you are 100% covered by our 14-day money- back guarantee. All you need to do is hit reply to your sales confirmation email and I'll refund your money within 7 days. 

"I'm already seeing the payoff!
It is extremely good value for all the interesting material and templates included.
Highly recommend for any coach building their business!"

Michelle B

The Startup Coach Long.png

All the done-for-you checklists, calculators, step-by-step workflows, fill-in-the-blank-swipe files + templates for:

#1 Your First Client Attraction List Building Funnel System

#2 Keep Your Calendar Full System

#3 Discovery Calls That Convert System

#4 Coaching Client Management System

Additional Resources

Lifetime Access + Upgrades

Just $27 Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this bundle for?


This business bundle is for new or established coaches in any niche who want to be better organized in their business so they can save time, make sure that opportunities to convert potential clients into paying clients aren't falling through the cracks and ultimately, to spend more time working with more clients.

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