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My first business failed. Spectacularly.


That sucked!


So I made damn sure it didn't happen again.

I built the business of my dreams and a couple others along the way.

Two decades later, I teach coaches how to do the same.

Simplifying the business building process - is my superpower.
Helping coaches build a business they love faster, and with ease - is my mission. 

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But before we dive into my story...

Let's rewind for a minute

You’re here because you’re ah-mazing. 


You are. 


If you weren’t an ah-mazing coach trying to do BIG things in the world, you’d be busy watching tik-tok dance videos or binge watching all 15 seasons of Greys Anatomy on Netflix - don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally love those - but you’re not. You’re HERE.


And whether you've been trying to kickstart your coaching business for a day or a decade (or maybe even longer) — I am GLAD you're here. 


Because now that we’ve found each other, I won’t let you off the hook.

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Neon Heart Image by Yana Nikulina

You're on a mission

To make a meaningful impact in the lives of those you serve.


To Inspire. To help. To heal. 

To make the world a better place.

Buuuuut ALSO, to make some money doing it.

I get you.

In many ways, I am you.

The only difference between me & you is    

±16 Years of Experience.
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I’ve already built a super successful design + event agency

(and I've built and sold 2 others along the way). 

I’ve already put myself “out there” to do it all again, online. 

Can you imagine putting the brakes on a thriving creative agency to answer an inexplicable but compelling 'calling' to serve a completely new niche and build a successful coaching business starting from scratch - from absolute zero?

Yup, I did that too. ​

So I can tell you what you already know: It’s NOT easy to do it alone.

As a matter of fact, it’s a special kind of hard - so I know what it's like to struggle doing it!

Which is why you’re here reading this. 

You're hoping I'm going to smile and offer you 'the secret', the magic pill, the silver-business-building-bullet. 

But, here's the thing

(because, you know, there's ALWAYS 'a thing', right?)

Building a thriving coaching business is a whole lot harder than anyone warned us about.  

There's a whole lotta shiz nobody tells you about - like the fact that marketing and social media is NOT the starting point and it's NOT the silver bullet. #GoFigure

There are a lot of moving parts and so many missing pieces to making it happen. 

That's not going to deter you though.  

You're ready to roll up your sleeves, get the guidance and support you need and get this business built for once and for all! 

Because that’s what ah-mazing coaches on a mission DO.

You've got the




I'll be honest with you...

The journey wasn't an easy one for me either

I was a creative kid with big ideas and big dreams, raised in a working class family with no entrepreneurs in sight. Just a very, very long line of, mostly disgruntled, employees. 

My father (a banker) told me I had 3 choices for furthering my education. 

"You can study Finance, finance, or, if you're feeling particularly creative, you can study FINANCE"

So off I went to university to get my first business degree in... you guessed it... finance. 

But I knew for sure I didn't want a spend my life in a finance job.

I knew I was born to be an entrepreneur, but it turns out... 

Passion and hard work weren't enough.

I started my first business back in 1996. But despite working sixteen to eighteen hours a day six days a week for nearly two years, it still failed. Spectacularly. I lacked strategy and guidance and it cost me, big time. I was left financially devastated and emotionally depleted. It was one of the lowest points in my life, but ☝️ I learnt some incredibly valuable lessons. ​

​Armed with all these lessons, a business mentor and an entrepreneurial heart that was still beating, I ventured on to launch, and scale, three successful businesses, two of which I sold.

The third, a Design & Event Agency, grew from a small side hustle into the sustainable seven-figure business I still love and run today.


It's a business that has evolved over the years. I scaled it up to respond to massive opportunities. I scaled it down to respond to challenges like the global economic recession of 2008. 

There was a time when I ran a business model that included working fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, expanding office space, warehousing, vehicles and staff.

But as my life evolved and expanded to include motherhood and relocating across country, I was able to adapt my business to fit my new lifestyle needs and my newly defined version of success - Freedom.  

Business woman holding books

My newly defined version of success... 

The freedom to spend quality time, being present with my friends and family. The freedom to walk my dogs for 2 hours a day.  The freedom to take time out and travel on a whim. 


The freedom to only work four days a week, three weeks a month, nine months a year was a HUGE game changer and I have never been happier. To be fair (and in the spirit of transparency), my laptop goes with me on vacation - but working a couple hours on a beach with a delicious cocktail in hand still qualifies as a vacay, right?! 🍸😉


What pisses me off is...

... the bullsh*t being sold out there about how to build an online business.

Most coaches who are starting out look to the experts, gurus and influencers for a magic pill and that elusive 'single secret to success' (spoiler alert - it doesn't exist). As a result they end up spending thousands of dollars on overwhelming courses that deliver underwhelming results. Or on programs that make huge promises like "I'll 10x your revenue".

The Problem: 10x of nothing - is still nothing.

If you're a coach who hasn't figured out how to reliably and predictably generate revenue in your business yet, then you've got some important groundwork to do first or you'll end up with 10x the overwhelm. 


These same experts are selling coaches the dream of making 6 figures in 6 weeks with cookie-cutter blueprints of exactly what an online coaching business should look like and all.the.things. you absolutely HAVE to do to achieve success, and I call Bullshit! 

The Good News: You CAN build a business your way!

... and it can be a lot simpler and a lot faster than you'd imagined.

Look, there are a thousand strategies you could use to build your business. And ALL strategies work. The ringer is that not all strategies work for everyone, or even in the same way. And let's face it, your brain and your life would implode trying to apply a thousand freaking strategies.


Over the past 16 years, I've had the honor of mentoring and coaching 100s of innovative start-up entrepreneurs and coaches to build sustainable, revenue generating businesses - minus the overwhelm, and ditching the slow growth organic strategies that keep them on the content creation hamster wheel of death. Working with them to completely transform their businesses from going nowhere slowly to too-legit-to-quit and THAT's why I do this work!

Call me crazy, but I heart coaches!

Vivid with Jay Manning Love.jpg

I believe life coaches have the power to heal the world, so... 

I'm on a Mission!

To help YOU turn your superpowers into a thriving, sustainable, manageable, client attracting and revenue generating business. 

So let's do this together!

Jay's authentic style and beautiful analogies make learning a pleasure.

She helps me feel the connection to my mission throughout all of these "business" activities because relationship-building is always central to her lessons.

Amy C, KonMari Consultant

Client Amy Chinitz-min.png

Enough about me though...

Let's do Coffee and talk about you. 

Grab a date in my calendar and Zoom on over so we can talk all about where you're at in YOUR business.

Image by Nathan Dumlao
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