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Smart move, Coach!

Here's to building your confidence as a coach!

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Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Client Session Trackers

  • Client Contract & Session Notes Pages

  • Client Feedback Forms

  • Client Testimonial Templates

So you'll be able to stay super organised as you make you way to becoming more confident as a coach AND collecting great testimonials as you go!

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Jay Manning is a Business Builder, Agency Owner,  Coach & Mentor who has been helping international brands with client-attraction and growth strategies for almost 2 decades - but her love for the challenging start-up phase of business has led her to mentoring start-up entrepreneurs since 2007.

She has been building businesses since 1996 and even sold a few along the way.

Jay holds multiple Business Degrees, and is a Certified Professional Coach (PCC). She runs a successful Design & Event Agency (est. 2000) and a thriving coaching practice.

Simplification is her superpower and she has a knack for creating systems that produce better results - faster and with more ease. 

You want this woman all up in your business!

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