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Limited Time Offer: Join "The Complete Objection Handling" Masterclass for Just  $97

The Complete Objection Handling
- LIVE Masterclass - 

Wednesday, 6th July @ 1pm EST

Learn How To Overcome Any Objections: Just $97!

Because Mastering Your Ability to Effectively Overcome Objections Is How You Make More Impact and More Income, Coach! 


On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), how do you rate your ability to effectively handle objections in your business right now?


Now let me ask you this…


IF your number is not where you’d love it be right now, but you managed to get this number to a 10… how much more money do you think you would make over the next 12 months?


No more leaving money on the table!
By the end of this masterclass, you'll... 

🎉 Discover how to infuse selling into every aspect of your business by pre-emptively handling objections


🎉 Learn how to handle objections confidently

🎉 Know where and when you should be overcoming objections (Hint: It's not just on your discovery calls!)

🎉 Learn the tools to help you quickly and effectively overcome the objections that are getting in your ideal client's way of saying "heck yes"

🎉 Craft scripted objection handling responses you can use easily in any sales environment


Business Builder, Agency Owner, Coach & Mentor.

Jay has helped international brands with client-attraction and growth strategies for almost 2 decades - but her love for the challenging start-up phase of business has led her to mentoring start-up entrepreneurs since 2007.

She has been building businesses since 1996 and even sold a few along the way.

Jay holds multiple Business Degrees, #OverQualifiedNerd, is a Certified Professional Coach (ICF PCC), runs a successful Design & Event Agency (est. 2000) and a thriving coaching practice.

Simplification is her superpower and she has a knack for creating systems that produce better results - faster and with more ease.

You definitely want this woman all up in your business!

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It's Easier with Jay

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