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Ready to stop struggling and start attracting those high-ticket clients that want to work with you and are ready to pay you?

Like I mean are you REALLY ready to:

  • Stop drowning in the sea of free webinars and workshops that leave you more confused about where the heck you're meant to start?

  • Stop using slow-growth organic strategies to build your list and instead, rapidly fill your list with hundreds (if not thousands) of your ideal clients in just a few weeks?

  • Stop the insanity of crazy complex launches to cold audiences that result in too few show ups to amount to any sign ups, and instead, finally sell your irresistible offer easily to a hot audience who are ready to buy​?

  • Stop creating buckets of content that takes up all your time but almost never translates into paying clients, and start focusing on revenue generating activities instead?

  • Get off the dang struggle bus, and into the fast lane so you can finally start creating all that impact, income and independence!

(Isn't that the reason you started this business in the first place?)

Yes! Awesome, because I'm ready to show you exactly how to get this business party started...

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The truth is...

There is no "secret" to building a successful online coaching business. 

But there is...

A proven, step-by-step roadmap that makes sure you're systematically taking care of business by... 


Establishing a clearly defined market, messaging and signature offer.


Turning tire-kickers into pre-qualified, highly motivated prospective coaching clients.


Converting potential clients into paying, high-ticket clients eager to work with you.

How do I know this works?

Because it's exactly how I kickstarted my business when I realised all those slow-growth strategies had me going nowhere slowly and I wanted a business that was too legit-to-quit.

I've been building businesses from scratch since 1996. 


My first business was a spectacular failure. That sucked! 

It left me emotionally depleted and financially devastated. It also left me determined to make sure that would never happen again. 

I went on to build three more successful 7-figure businesses, two of which I have since sold. 

The third, my design and event agency of 20 years, grew from side hustle to a multiple 7-figure business in 5 short years. 

My love of entrepreneurship and passion for new entrepreneurs led me to mentoring innovative start-up entrepreneurs 14 years ago. What started as a passion project, became a fully fledged business in just a few short years.  

On the 3rd of January 2020, after a particularly deep meditation, I woke up in the early hours of the morning with an inexplicable, but compelling 'calling' to shift the focus of my mentorship and coaching practice to immediately start working with coaches, something I had never considered.  

Without questioning it, I dove deep into market research.


I interviewed more than 700 new and struggling coaches.

What I learned shocked my socks off! 😲

If you've been trying to build your online coaching business for more than a minute, I'm willing to bet that you might recognise yourself in some of what the research uncovered.

The coaches I interviewed
admitted they:


😖 Spend ridiculous amounts of time creating content - writing blogs, creating podcasts and YouTube channels

😖 Try to sell hours of coaching (spoiler alert - coaching is a super tough sell - ESPECIALLY by the hour)

😖 Spend hours and hours a day lurking around Facebook groups trying to find paying clients

😖 Spend hours every week creating posts, stories and reels that are simply not translating into business

😖 Waste money buying courses that teach them just one small piece of the business-building pie at a time

😖 Are disappointed the freebie on their website isn't the list-building magic genie the experts said it would be

😖 Are disheartened that a year (or more - mostly more) down the line, they STILL don't have enough clients to make their business sustainable... or enough people to "launch" or make offers to


😖 And as for "launching". What fresh living hell is that and why did nobody warn you?!?! 😖🤯

I'm prettttttty sure that you've started to realise (or you will soon) that doing all.the.things I just described, hasn't translated into business, or if you have gotten some business out of it, it's certainly not enough business to make it worth all that time and effort. Amiright?

So I'll ask again... Are you ready?

To finally start creating impact, income and independence by coaching paying clients?

I have a sneaking suspicion, especially if you have read this far, that you too would like a business that you LOVE and that is PROFITABLE.

A business that lets you serve more of your ideal clients. 

But lets you actually work less, and heck, even earn more

All at the same time. 

And I am pretty sure you don't want to have to spend the next 5+ years figuring it all out yourself to get there. 

I mean this is WHY we start our own businesses, right?

To be able to live life on your terms. 

And whether that's having the time and energy to be fully present for your kids, help take care of your ageing parents, to be able to travel the world and have amazing adventures, or just to earn an extra 4 or 5 figures on the side... 

You deserve to have the kind of business that gives you the life you want, and you deserve to have it NOW!

And if you are a coach or a healer...


If you help people with anything from losing weight, finding a more fulfilling career, creating confidence, life after divorce, finding love, speaking on stage, creating health, building wealth... or anything in between...

If you have a passion or expertise that helps people...

And you want a way to share it in a profitable way...

Even if you have zero list and no idea how to do any of it! 

Then you're in the right place!

I'm here to tell you that 6 months from now you can have a business that is fired-up and raring to go! 

And I have created the step-by-step plan to show you how to do it!

Before you start to say... 
"Yeah but Jay, that won't work for me..."

Let me stop you right there my friend ✋

You see, I know this process works.. and not just for me, (it's the exact same process I used to launch, and still use in my own coaching business) but because this is what I have been teaching my students and clients... 

I have helped clients to:

👉 Grow their email lists by thousands!

👉 Create, launch and sell profitable signature programs.

👉 Turn those programs into even more profitable and totally automated online funnels.

In fact, I have been helping clients add 5, 6 and even 7 figures to their businesses for 14+ years.


It's worked for me, it's working for others, and it will work for you too, Coach. 

The fastest and easiest way to get your coaching business client-attracting and revenue-generating.

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Ready to add your first, or next, 4 or 5 figures to your business?

You're in the right place!

Introducing the simple, step-by-step, start-to-finish plan to build your business foundations, build your list, launch your business and make sales, FASTER & EASIER, even if you're starting from scratch!

L+L Logos (3).png


is a Fast-Paced 6-Month, Done-With-You 
Coaching + Implementation Program That Takes You From Starting Out To Making Sales

What's Included

Step 1: Foundational Phase

These are, without exception, THE critical first foundational pieces you MUST have in place in order to effectively market and successfully launch your offers.

Module 1

Slay In Your Lane

Nail your profitable, client attracting nano niche, the ideal client avatar you're obsessed with, mastering your market with research.

Module 2

Your Signature Touch

A-Z blueprint for creating your unique high-ticket, results-getting signature coaching program and beta launching.

Module 3

Simply Irresistible 

The high-ticket, "heck yes" irresistible offer creation blueprint makes working with you a no-brainer decision for your ideal clients.  

Module 4

Sell with Ease

Learn the art of having high-converting sales conversations with anyone, virtually anywhere. 

Step 2: The Launchpad

With the foundational pieces in place (Modules 1-4), it's time to implement a repeatable, predictable sales strategy so that you can get this business party started, and keep it going and growing. In other words, it's time to make some money!

Module 5

The Launchpad

The 5-Day Live is how you make multiple sales, repeatedly and predictably whether you're selling 1:1 or group coaching. #clientattractionparty

The launchpad gives you EVERYTHING you need to design, build and incorporate this marketing, visibility, expertise building, list building, client-attraction and revenue-generating asset into your business.


👉 6 Months of Coaching and Training with unrestricted access to me.

👉 Unbeatable feedback, accountability and support every step of the way.

👉 Plus ALL the plug-and-play templates, scripts and swipe files you need for just about anything you can think of in your business. 

LIST+LAUNCH is NOT just one more piece of the business building puzzle.


This is the ONLY plan you need to build your list fast, generate quality leads and convert those leads into paying clients even if you're starting from scratch! 

I created LIST+LAUNCH to guide you, step-by-step, from where you are right now, to:

 💥 Creating and launching your own profitable signature program


💥 Adding 1000s of your ideal clients to your email list


💥 Earning 1000s of dollars in coaching revenue

All in simple, do-able, bite-sized steps which we will take together!

Did Someone Say Bonuses?!?!

You bet I did!
Fast Action Bonus

📌 Goes away on Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific 📌

12 BONUS Months Of Support 

In The Launchpad 

So that you're fully supported as you continue to master
the 5-Day Live launch strategy

wow giphy.gif

Value: $6000USD

... there's more!

But wait! 

The Hight-Ticket Coach's Toolkit

Value $350

Checklists, Templates, and Workflows to onboard your new clients and optimize your coaching business operations, so you can spend more time with your clients and make your coaching business more profitable. 

L+L Sales Page Mock Ups Mockups (2).png

The Coach's Testimonial Toolkit 

Value $250

L+L Sales Page Mock Ups Mockups (3).png

Testimonials are marketing gold. But the trick is cultivating them. 

The Coach's Testimonial Toolkit will help you create systems to source and use testimonials so social proofing your web and sales copy will be a breeze.

Value $350

The High-Ticket Coach Sales Page Bundle

Stop overthinking your copy and start selling confidently

with a sales page that converts.

This bundle includes copy and page templates to help you craft your message in a way that caters to all 3 types of buyers.

L+L Sales Page Mock Ups Mockups (1).png
L+L Sales Page Mock Ups Mockups.png

The Ultimate Coaching Website Bundle

Create your engaging, client-winning website.

This bundle includes copy templates to help you craft your message (Home, About, Services, Contact, Discovery Call Booking page, SEO plus other resource guides to help you integrate testimonials and write engaging copy) as well as resources to guide you through creating your own brand to convey the vibe and message of your business.

Value $1250

Value $750

L+L Sales Page Mock Ups Mockups (5).png

The Coach's Launch Vault

The complete step-by-step, plug-and-play project plan for wildly successful launches that result in cash infusions + clients! Every email and social media template and swipe file you need to make sales from warm-up to cart close.

That's a juicy $8950 worth of bonuses up for grabs 🤩

mind blown wow giphy.gif
Andrea Hipps.png

From struggling to make $3200 in one year to making $29,995 in less than six months

"The ONLY thing I wish I'd done differently in my business is find Jay sooner!

I'm no longer a slave to my business. I work less, earn more and my business fits my lifestyle." 

Andrea Hipps - Divorce Coach

This is the plan + ALL the support you need to completely change your business in the next 12 months!


It's all yours for just


A single payment


Get started for just


+ 2 additional monthly payments


Get started for just


+ 4 additional monthly payments
So, in the words of Gwen Stefani...

What are you waiting for?

Stop wasting time Coach! 

If you want a business that makes serious money,
then it's time you get serious about making a business! 

Tick Tock!

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